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Copper Reds – How To Get Copper Reds: Joel Cherrico

Copper Reds – How To Get Copper Reds:  Joel Cherrico
I’ve had a bit of success with getting copper reds in my glazes, but it is not consistent!

I’m always looking for the secrets or a guru to set me in the right direction!  Well…I think I’ve found a great guru for copper reds!  Here is the work of Joel Cherrico!

Joel Cherrico’s Copper Red pottery pieces are amazingly gorgeous!
His blog post on Copper Reds is most generous in information, recipes, and tips.
I’ve already ordered the book Copper Red Glazes by Robert Tichane from Amazon for less than $2.00!!! Pretty exciting!  Thanks for the tip, Joel!

One of the most amazing things is his ability to get reds from top to bottom in his kiln!  I’m working toward that outcome!  I’d love to hear from you with your ideas as well!


Written by Marian Williams


  1. cherricopottery · May 19, 2012

    Party on Wayne! That book by Robert Tichane is the Bible of copper reds. I’ve gotten reds top to bottom in that tall kiln at the College of St. Benedict, but I can’t get them on the bottom in the kiln at the Paramount Arts Center (current studio). It’s about 4 feet tall, 2 feet wide, and 6 feet long of stackable space. For some reason, it’s much harder to get reduction on the bottom even though it’s about a foot shorter than the kiln shown above! Keep up the great work Marian! Love the red and blue combo on that bowl….

  2. Marian Williams · May 20, 2012

    I loved hearing about barometric pressure and the “night-time” effect on the kiln. I had noticed that happening, but didn’t attribute it to atmospheric pressure-kinda cool, huh! Thanks for all the tips!

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    […] One of my favorite potters right now is Joel Cherrico.  He is such a lovely young guy and so ambitious! (not to mention he’s a cutie! Ok, I know! not PC, but I’m truly old enough to be his mother!) and his pottery is gorgeous!  See my previous posts about him here. […]

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