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Copper Red Glazes: Brian Keyte Workshop

Copper Red Glazes:  Brian Keyte Workshop

I signed up for the Brian Keyte workshop as I am obsessed with conquering Copper Red Glazes!  My previous post gives you a bit of information about Brian.  I can get copper reds, no worry.  But they aren’t consistent and are often found running on the kiln shelf.

Arriving at Monsalvat for the Brian Keyte Workshop was a treat! It is an absolutely gorgeous setting!

Montsalvat-Brian Keyte Workshop-copper reds


The grounds are quite bucolic and although a cold day, the jonquils were peaking out to say “hello, spring is coming soon!”
Montsalvat-Brian Keyte Workshop-copper reds


Montsalvat-Brian Keyte Workshop-copper reds


One always has expectations when going into a class/workshop situation.
My hopes/expectations were:
1.  To figure out how to improve my spraying and application of glazes
copper red glaze

Copper Red Bowl – not full reduction to the foot of the bowl.

2.  To learn how to get better over all reduction of my copper reds
copper red glaze

Copper Red Platter-incomplete reduction

3.  To learn how to avoid those dreaded drips and runs of glazes onto the foot of the pot and the kiln shelf.
Copper Red Glaze Drips

Nightmare Glaze Drips!

Well I have to say that I wasn’t disappointed!

Brian was so generous with all of his information and had some really good general advice for potters.

Montsalvat-Brian Keyte Workshop-copper reds

Brian Keyte speaking with a workshop participant.

A couple of advice gems that we all should hang on to were:

1. Don’t chase the rabbit down the hole just because you are curious.

2. When you look at other’s work, ask yourself WHAT it is that you like about it and then the BIG QUESTION….WHY DO YOU LIKE IT? If you don’t ask why, then you are just copying.

Brian also talked a great deal about glazes and how to “fix” problem glazes. Crazy, I have 3 copper red glaze recipes that i use and they ALL have Gerstley Borate in them and this could be the problem! So good to know and “fixable”!  One of his main suggestions was test tiles – I know – what’s new!

Montsalvat-Brian Keyte Workshop-copper reds

Copper Red test tiles

He also demonstrated the proper use of a spray gun, the angle that is best and lots of tricks of the trade to get a good spray happening – all great info!!

Montsalvat-Brian Keyte Workshop-copper reds

Brian Keyte demonstrating spraying techniques.

One of the most interesting suggestions for getting consistently good copper reds is in the way you reduce your kiln.  I reduce at the burners and at the flu, but according to Brian, to get a good top to bottom, even reduction, one should only reduce at the flu.  The reduction at the burners gives a swirling, uneven reduction and if that is the look you are going for, then swirl away!

Another great tip was to check out the glaze software called Matrix out of New Zealand. On my list of things to do next week. Sounds great! I’ll keep you posted.

The exhibit at Montsalvat was awesome! Here’s a link to that exhibit.  Click Here!

Seeing Brian’s work in person was a great treat! So gorgeous!

Montsalvat-Brian Keyte Workshop-copper red glaze

Brian Keyte Copper Red Bowl


Montsalvat-Brian Keyte Workshop-copper reds

Brian Keyte copper red bowl.

Ok, now back to the spray booth and the kiln! Let’s see if I can conquer this copper red thing!

Love to all!


Written by Marian Williams


  1. Adriana Christianson · August 25, 2014

    Great post Marian – looks like you really got lots of relevant info !! Shame we couldn’t catch up !! Next time xx

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