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Make My Heart Sing!

Make My Heart Sing!

I just reread my post, MirrorTime and Advice to Myself, which deal with deciding on my direction.


Noodle Bowls with Applique

Noodles Bowls with Applique.

Lana Wilson

The link to her article doesn’t seem to be working- click the above link to watch a video by Lana Wilson.
So here I am at the same crux in the road.  What do I want to do with my pottery?  I’ve got the glazing down pretty well, but a bowl is a bowl is a bowl!  I need it to make a statement – ’cause I’m for sure not going to be a production potter!

I think that as we progress, grow, learn, create and then evaluate, our goals and expectations for ourselves change.  When our expectations change, then the resultant product changes.  But I NEED that change to be something that will be positive and emphatic, not just a small decision.

Therefore, I’m reading Lana Wilson’s article AGAIN! AND I’m going to put my head to thinking on what I want next.  I need to get back to doing something that makes my heart sing!



Written by Marian Williams

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