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Setting Up A Great Pottery Studio!

Setting Up A Great Pottery Studio!

‘I am really so fortunate to have a massive pottery studio- see previous blog post.  One might think that MORE space is a good thing … and it is to a point.  But in a way it’s like cooking in a massive kitchen – things aren’t as convenient, you don’t know where you put things, and you are running from place to place just to cook a meal.  That’s sort of the way it felt working out in the barn all the time.

As a result, my husband and I “discovered” two old storage rooms that we have recently made into an enclosed, cleaner, quieter, more wind-proof and more efficient work area!

I’m not giving up any of my space in the big part of the barn though!

The new space will lend itself to more private creativity with a great view and a bit more creature comforts – it will he easier to heat, cool and keep clean.

Come see me!

Love to all and Happy Potting!





Written by Marian Williams

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